What can Ruin a Wedding?

What Can Ruin a Wedding?

 We at Ace Bars and Catering as a catering company Wigan, have been to and worked at countless weddings. We know better than anyone that the big day can be a temperamental one to say the least.

Wedding days are a time of high stress with several components of a day having the potential to go wrong. We know what aspects of a wedding day can easily be ruined through carelessness or simply mot being aware.

In this blog, Ace Bars and Catering are here to give you advice on how to make sure things run smoothly on your big day.

Get The Invites Out Early 

When it comes to sending out your invitations, the early the better. By sending your invites out early, you can better judge the amount of people that will be attending your big day. This way any plus ones and drop outs can be accounted for before the day.

As a catering company Wigan, we have catered for several wedding where the hosts have failed to accurately judge the amount of attendees and therefore provided either too much or too little food.

The result can be an expensive mistake and potentially a little bit embarrassing as they end up with excess food or trying to stretch a small amount out.

Keep Photography Minimal

This one may seem like an odd idea but trust us, when it comes to the actual big day you will thank us. Think a crying baby is annoying and distracting? Try a hundred flashing mobile phones in the church whilst you are trying to say your vows.

If you have employed your own professional photographer, do you really need people constantly taking photos?

Maybe consider including a message on your invite about photography, requesting for guests to keep it to a minimum and possibly only outside the church.

Keep The Kids Entertained

Kids can be a problem when it comes to weddings but they have to be catered for because not every parent can leave their child for a prolonged period of time. Why not hire a children’s entertainer to keep the kids busy whilst you guys enjoy yourselves? It may seem like just another expense but in the long run it is money well spent.

Another important aspect of catering for children is actually catering for them.  Most kids will not be interested in the kids of food that your adult guests will enjoy. Instead of upsetting the little ones and making guests who are parents leave to feed their kids, ask your catering company to provided child friendly alternatives.

This catering company Wigan provides several kid orientated dishes to make sure that they do not go hungry on your big day.

Get in Touch!

If you are planning your big day and trying to avoid any potential disasters along the way, get in touch with Ace Bars and Catering today! We are a mobile bars and catering company Wigan that offers a package for everyone’s needs and budget. We’ve worked at countless weddings and can take a load of your mind by providing exceptional catering service for your wedding.

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