What Makes a Great Event?

What Makes a Great Event?

Ace Bars and catering are a catering company Wigan with years’ worth of experience when it comes to catering for events.

Across our long career in the event circuit, we have learnt a thing or two about what makes an event great and what can turn an otherwise good event into a really special occasion.

So what are the determining factors for a really special event I hear you asking?

Research and Understand Your Attendees  

Prior to any event, a certain amount of research should be carried out by event planners into the audience that will be attending. This might be what kind of music, dietary requirements, entertainment or any other preference event goers may have.

This way you can ensure that your event caters to their specific needs. From years as working as a catering company Wigan in conjunction with event planners, we know that research is everything as when it comes to event planning, the devil is well and truly in the detail.

Make Your Event Interactive and Unique

If you are wishing to engage people with your organisation, product, cause or whatever else you may be representing, then it is important to engage them at your event.

Engaging your attendees can be done through many different ways, entertainment may be an obvious choice but try to think outside the box for a truly unique and memorable experience.

Want to get people talking about you and your organisation? Why not make a seating plan that makes people sit next to people they are not familiar with? That way they will not be able to fall into comfortable conversations with their friends and will be forced to speak about what is going on.

Make Sure that Your Catering is Exceptional

When it comes to event management, catering is one of the most important aspects of any occasion. Unfortunately, people can be hard to impress and often tend to remember bad catering more vividly than great catering.

That being said, it is majorly important that catering is of a high standard so that attendees do not associate you and your brand with a bad taste and experience.

Consulting the help of an experienced and talented catering company Wigan such as Ace Bars and Catering is an absolute must to ensure your guests leave with satisfied stomachs.

As well as making sure your attendees are fed, they need to be adequately watered preferably with the full run of a bar. But what happens if there is not a bar or drinks station in the venue? A mobile bar is your go to event and life saver.

Fully equipped mobile bars can be hard to come by and giving your guests the option of a limited bar will just not suffice. Ace Bars and Catering are not only a catering company Wigan we provide mobile bars that are stocked extensively.

Get in Touch

If you are planning an event and need help turning it into a really special occasion, get in touch with Ace bars and Catering. We are a catering company Wigan as well as a provider of mobile bars with a wealth of experience working within the event circuit.

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